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Download Only Option now available on Christian

by CK Admin on 01/11/14

That was fast... you seem to want the digital only version... so we've created an option for DOWNLOAD ONLY in the Christian Kane Store.

The Download only option is now ACTIVE! Just click the correct button.  It's not automatic.  But you will get your code within a few days, don't have to wait for the CDs to get pressed or shipped, and don't pay shipping.  Plus, it's good for the environment.  AND you can download is 6 different formats (for those wanting higher quality downloads).  Downloads include all album artwork.


Comments (7)

1. Sherry Baguzis said on 1/11/14 - 09:12PM
When are you coming to Michigan? I've seen you in leverage and the vampire show in the am. Didn't know you were a artist. Your great. Would love to see you in concert.
2. Susan Meeks said on 1/12/14 - 01:05AM
Christian Kane, I will take you, any way I can get you, I mean it, um the music, yeah! <3
3. Carolyn White said on 1/29/14 - 06:56AM
I loved the different pkgs (items, albums, photo ops) we used to be able to get in the Store! Having recently discovered my fingerless Kane gloves have gone missing, I would dearly love to see those back in the store because my Kane hat is very lonely. Also, signed items by CK would be so awesome, as many people can only dream of meeting him due to lack of funds or life events that prevent traveling to where he's performing. DVD's of movies he's been in?
4. adriana martinez said on 2/8/14 - 08:51AM
l love how you act and sing
5. barbie said on 2/10/14 - 09:17AM
well I am a late one ...Mr Kane is HOTTTTTTT....
6. Mari said on 3/3/14 - 10:16AM
Is it possible to get the download in Sweden?
7. bobbie said on 3/3/14 - 01:58PM
Mr Kane u r so cool,,, but I am tired of watching the same old repeats on leverage ...nothing new...I know u did some scenes with girls be side yourkick...

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