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July 18, 2011 - Christian's Top 5!!

by CK Admin on 01/06/13

In conjunction with last night’s ep of Leverage.

Things I did as a kid to get girls attention:
1) Play Football
2) Call and hang up
3) Tackle them at recess and then run away
4) I was big on check "yes" or "no" boxes
5) Act like an aloof, scared kid that didn't know anything about girls.

Things I appreciate in a woman
1) Hands (my favorite)
2) Honesty
3) A soft kiss, a hard kiss, and the ability to know the difference in timing of the two.
4) The ability to appreciate food, as an art, an aphrodisiac, and a symbol of affection.
5) And I have to say it.... Legs that go up and make an ass outta themselves!!!

Ninja Turtles?? Top 5, Really? OK...
1) Donatello
2) Leonardo
3) Raphael
4) Michelangelo.....
5) and Masaccio, the black sheep, the cousin with an authority problem, who always finds the I in TEAM. Weapon of choice: a buzz saw and a sawed-off over-under Mossberg 12 gauge. He didn't make the cut for television because of profanity and, quote from the network execs, "he's just too messy for the kids."

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