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June 8, 2011 - Christian's Top 5!!

by CK Admin on 01/06/13

Without additional fanfare, here is the latest TOP 5 from Christian Kane.:

Injuries while working... Love this one

1.) Leg broken in three places... "The Donner Party"

2.) 17 stitches to the forehead... "Leverage" S2

3.) 13 stitches lip, 7 stitches lip... Secondhand Lions"

4.) 2 cracked ribs... "Leverage" S1

5.) bone fracture/nerve damage right arm... "Into the West"

Many more. These were just the worst for filming at the time.

Top 5 westerns... in honor of next week's episode

1.) The Outlaw Josie Wales

2.) Crossfire Trail (obviously)

3.) Last of the Mohicans

4.) Tombstone

5.) Young Guns

Go to www.Facebook.com/ChristianKaneMusic to post your comments and what you want to be in the next Top 5!

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