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New things afoot for Christian...

by CK Admin on 03/31/14

Hey folks... as you can gather from the tweets Christian Kane? has been sharing... he's got a new project in the works.   He's so excited about this, and we know you will be too!  Unfortunately, as much as he's enjoyed the "50 to 1" bus tour, this means he's going to have to jump off the tour.  We don't know for sure when he'll have to go, but it looks like this will be the last week on the bus tour for him.  Christian enjoyed meeting everyone on the tour and is really proud of the film "50 to 1".  He encourages those of you who are able to visit upcoming tour stops and showings to catch the film and meet the cast and filmmakers.  Christian wants to give you all a heartfelt "thank you" all for your continued support.  As soon as he can give you details about this new project... he will.  Until then... buckle up tight.  It's going to be a lovely ride... 

Comments (26)

1. Nancy Callahan said on 3/31/14 - 11:20AM
I am happy for Christian! Hopefully, a spin-off of Leverage?? (sad for me in Stillwater, OK, though). Hopefully, he will come through here again....
2. Lisa King said on 3/31/14 - 12:51PM
If the bus tour comes close enough I will support it even if it is down to just Faith or Jim. I want to see the movie and meeting the cast is nice but not necessary. Supporting Christian means rejoicing in all the good things that come his way. Can not wait to see anything he is involved in
3. Sheila Allen said on 3/31/14 - 02:42PM
Congratulations to Christian! So excited for him! Can't wait to get more details of his new project! #Kaniac4life
4. Rebecca said on 3/31/14 - 04:01PM
Wishing him luck on this new adventure - whatever it is :-)
5. Jane Zeller said on 4/1/14 - 07:40AM
Really looking forward to this new project. And, glad we had a chance to meet him in LA. Maybe one day we will catch some of his music live.
6. Geneva said on 4/2/14 - 07:35AM
Good luck and Godspeed. Hope I can catch you tonight in Dallas!!
7. Stefania said on 4/3/14 - 01:35AM
Goodmorning, I'm a Italian I want to Known if 50 to 1 we'll can see here end when it's possibile. I saw the trailer and I love the horses. Good luck for everything. Kisses Stefania
8. Jane Zeller said on 4/4/14 - 07:45AM
Definitely looking forward to the new project.
9. Donna said on 4/4/14 - 12:38PM
I'm just so happy that Christian has so many great things happening for him.Looking forward to all his new projects.
10. Linda warren said on 4/9/14 - 02:32AM
Sad you had to leave the bus tour early but so happy for you to get back to work and on tv every week can't wait to see this project,Good Luck in every thing you do
11. T.K. said on 4/9/14 - 07:24PM
Wish it would head over to California! Would love to see this film. Can't wait for what is next!
12. D Lane said on 4/12/14 - 06:06PM
50-1 was an awesome movie!!!! Great job.
13. Elaine M Brousseau said on 4/15/14 - 10:52AM
I can't believe how I got to like the Leveridge show and everyone on it. Sorry it ended, but I'm happy to know that Christian moved on to do a movie, and hopefully has other upcoming events in which to exploit his carisma and talent. God be with you Christian..........
14. Kayla Rubio said on 4/21/14 - 10:38PM
Hopefully soon he will be back on tour, I would love to see him live here in Colorado!
15. Tina Walker said on 4/26/14 - 08:37AM
I can't wait to see you in your new series #The Librarians. It is gonna be awesome having you back on TV. I can't wait to see #50to1 as soon as it comes to Florida and really want to buy the DVD. I will continue to support and spread the news about the movie. sending lots of love...
16. Emily said on 4/28/14 - 11:29AM
I love you christian Kane! I love your show the Leverage! I'm so hooked on it right now i got my best friend to watch it and she loves you too! I hope you come thru the Dallas Fort Worth area because i would love to meet you! Well i hope you have a bless and wonderful day!!
17. barbara said on 5/10/14 - 12:26PM
waiting for 50 t0 1 to come to Florida
18. Dana Renee Reynolds said on 5/13/14 - 09:24PM
I am so excited for you Chris(tian). Can't wait to see your new movie and series. I wished I could've seen the bus.... I Am SO D--- Proud of you! "99% of success is just getting up " right? Close? it's so cool i can tell people i met you not once but twice! Both times i wish we could've talked longer. You are so easy to talk to. May your native path continue to be blessed. Namaste and peace. Dana
19. Rene Lucero said on 6/8/14 - 10:09PM
Very exciting. For those of us that were devoted fans of Leverage, it would be awesome if they brought Parker and Harddison back. So when is this all going to happen?
20. Collin G said on 6/21/14 - 10:38AM
I wish all of you in leverage wouldn't have broken up i don't no how y'all did it just leaving each other behind i loved all of you really you worked so well together id love to see another season with all of you really id pay to see it or at least another show with all of you in it all of you were amazing people well you still are but together your even better i just finished the last season and the last episode and i almost died because i thought every one else was the shows amazing help bring it back please even just for a season.
21. Kristina "country woman in LA" said on 7/14/14 - 01:04PM
When is he gonna have a new CD. I love "The House Rules" and I want more!!
22. Brandy Lee Lacey said on 7/14/14 - 10:38PM
I just hear Mary Can You Come Outside. I just wanted to thank you for this Mary. I was in her shoes once. I would have given anything for a neighbor like you. There are not enough people these days who would actually do something. And in some towns, even calling the cops gets you nowhere because they will cover up a friends violance. So, thank you. I don't kbow Mary. But I just want to thank you for her. Thank you.
23. Tigger said on 8/3/14 - 10:42PM
Hello, I hope this reaches Christian. Your body of work has inspired me to strive to realize my goals and dreams. I hope to enjoy a performance in the near future! Thank You, Angela
24. Lynn said on 8/14/14 - 07:18PM
I would like to know if Mr. Kane has done any thing since February 201???????????????????
25. polly said on 8/26/14 - 10:57AM
It's great to see a great man, a stand up man. Thank you for doing shows that ,you don't have to wonder if you will need to fast forward through parts. Thank you from the heart
26. Marianne Cascio Smith said on 9/8/14 - 10:29AM
Hope new project will be action filled. I love to watch him fight and the look on his face and in his eyes shows the whole experience. Guess I can cut out fight scenes of him on Leverage but would rather watch him at his finest. Great fighter great bod great muscles, I'm 73 and its the most fun I have

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