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Christian Kane TV Schedule

June 8, 2011 - Christian's Top 5!!

by CK Admin on 01/06/13

Without additional fanfare, here is the latest TOP 5 from Christian Kane.:

Injuries while working... Love this one

1.) Leg broken in three places... "The Donner Party"

2.) 17 stitches to the forehead... "Leverage" S2

3.) 13 stitches lip, 7 stitches lip... Secondhand Lions"

4.) 2 cracked ribs... "Leverage" S1

5.) bone fracture/nerve damage right arm... "Into the West"

Many more. These were just the worst for filming at the time.

Top 5 westerns... in honor of next week's episode

1.) The Outlaw Josie Wales

2.) Crossfire Trail (obviously)

3.) Last of the Mohicans

4.) Tombstone

5.) Young Guns

Go to to post your comments and what you want to be in the next Top 5!