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Christian Kane TV Schedule

New things afoot for Christian...

by CK Admin on 03/31/14

Hey folks... as you can gather from the tweets Christian Kane? has been sharing... he's got a new project in the works.   He's so excited about this, and we know you will be too!  Unfortunately, as much as he's enjoyed the "50 to 1" bus tour, this means he's going to have to jump off the tour.  We don't know for sure when he'll have to go, but it looks like this will be the last week on the bus tour for him.  Christian enjoyed meeting everyone on the tour and is really proud of the film "50 to 1".  He encourages those of you who are able to visit upcoming tour stops and showings to catch the film and meet the cast and filmmakers.  Christian wants to give you all a heartfelt "thank you" all for your continued support.  As soon as he can give you details about this new project... he will.  Until then... buckle up tight.  It's going to be a lovely ride... 

Christian Kane interviewed on Listen or Download...

by CK Admin on 03/09/14

300-and-PeabodyThis week interviews Christian Kane from 50 to 1 about his new film 50 to 1.  It hits theaters beginning March 21st.  They also review 300 Rise of an Empire and Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  Check it out HERE.

Download Only Option now available on Christian

by CK Admin on 01/11/14

That was fast... you seem to want the digital only version... so we've created an option for DOWNLOAD ONLY in the Christian Kane Store.

The Download only option is now ACTIVE! Just click the correct button.  It's not automatic.  But you will get your code within a few days, don't have to wait for the CDs to get pressed or shipped, and don't pay shipping.  Plus, it's good for the environment.  AND you can download is 6 different formats (for those wanting higher quality downloads).  Downloads include all album artwork.


Digital Downloads added to PreOrders in Christian Kane Store.

by CK Admin on 01/11/14

WOW! You all have been so great since the re-opening of the Christian Kane Store. We are excited to tell you that we are now offering FREE downloads with any pre-order! Now you don't have to wait for your pre-order to be produced and shipped. Within a few days after ordering, you will receive a secure download code by email. This will include album artwork. Just another change we are adding to help make the best fans in the world happy!  

 We hope to be making regular additions and changes to the store. Feel free to make suggestions of any kind. .

Christian Kane Webstore is Re-Opened!

by CK Admin on 12/23/13

Dropping by to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and best for 2014. AND to tell you that the Christian Kane webstore is now OPEN and ready for business. Christian is excited to be reissuing the album The House Rules under his own label a...s the retitled "Welcome to My House!" This CD will be available digitally soon. In the meantime, pre-orders for the physical CD are available now. They are bring pressed now and will ship in early January or sooner. Also available are a few tees and an old favorite CD that's been out of print for a while. Thanks all for your support. It's good to be back! (Yes - Live In London sold out quickly... but we'll be repressing it just after Christmas)