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Christian Kane TV Schedule

October 7, 2011 - Christian Kane to sing 'Monday Night Football' intro?

by CK Admin on 01/06/13

The Seattle Times ran an article on 'Readers' choices for 'Monday Night Football' intros.' The House Rules was named as one people would like to see.

Hank Williams Jr. won't be singing the intro for "Monday Night Football," so who should do it next season?

Pearl Jam, Lenny Kravitz, Fred Rogers, Faith Hill, Hank Williams II and The Boss.

Those are a few of your picks after we asked Seattle Times readers who should sing the intro for "Monday Night Football" now that Bocephus won't be singing his iconic song Monday nights.

There was no consensus, with suggestions coming from virtually every musical genre, and some wanting no music at all.

Country had its share of nominations, from Hill (who sings the "Sunday Night Football" intro) to Christian Kane.

"Faith Hill was great on MNF," wrote CovyGuy from Covington. "Bring her back. No more yahoo rednecks."

Kane's "The House Rules," got a few votes. I'd never heard it. Not bad.

I've heard of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters and Bruce Springsteen. All were nominated.

Hank Williams III, the son of Bocephus and the grandson of the great Hank Williams, got a flurry of votes. He, apparently, is staying away from the political rhetoric that got his dad in hot water.

"The only person out there worthy of mixing political views and music is Jello Biafra," he told TMZ.

Sorry, Hank, but even your kid knows better.

Read Full Article Here

by Don Shelton
The Seattle Times

July 18, 2011 - Christian's Top 5!!

by CK Admin on 01/06/13

In conjunction with last night’s ep of Leverage.

Things I did as a kid to get girls attention:
1) Play Football
2) Call and hang up
3) Tackle them at recess and then run away
4) I was big on check "yes" or "no" boxes
5) Act like an aloof, scared kid that didn't know anything about girls.

Things I appreciate in a woman
1) Hands (my favorite)
2) Honesty
3) A soft kiss, a hard kiss, and the ability to know the difference in timing of the two.
4) The ability to appreciate food, as an art, an aphrodisiac, and a symbol of affection.
5) And I have to say it.... Legs that go up and make an ass outta themselves!!!

Ninja Turtles?? Top 5, Really? OK...
1) Donatello
2) Leonardo
3) Raphael
4) Michelangelo.....
5) and Masaccio, the black sheep, the cousin with an authority problem, who always finds the I in TEAM. Weapon of choice: a buzz saw and a sawed-off over-under Mossberg 12 gauge. He didn't make the cut for television because of profanity and, quote from the network execs, "he's just too messy for the kids."

July 11, 2011 - Christian Kane Releases "Let Me Go"

by CK Admin on 01/06/13

“Leverage” Star Stakes His Place on Music Row with New Single and Upcoming Music Video

NASHVILLE, Tenn – July 11, 2011 – On the heels of the season-four premiere of the hit television series “Leverage” on TNT, Christian Kane ( releases his much-anticipated second single, “Let Me Go,” on July 11, 2011, announced today by Bigger Picture Group. The song, produced by Bob Ezrin (The Wall and Kiss's Destroyer) and Jimmie Lee Sloas (Reba McEntire, Lee Ann Womack and Danny Gokey), and written by hitmakers Casey Beathard (“Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo” and “Drinkin’ Bone” by Tracy Byrd and “Beer Man” by Trent Willmon) and Tom Shapiro ("You Look Good In My Shirt," recorded by Keith Urban and "Living And Living Well," recorded by George Strait), is a classic country power ballad that tells a vivid and relatable story of the challenges and surprises that come with being in love. “Let Me Go” was one of only three songs on the album that Kane did not have a hand in writing.

“This song spoke to me [through] personal experiences and gives me chills to this day [when I sing it]. I followed Casey Beathard around town begging to get this song. He finally said yes and it fit perfectly into [the story of my] journey while [also] being utterly relatable to anyone who has selfishly, unselfishly let someone go for the better of both. I had to have this on the album for the simple fact [that] it was the missing piece to the eclectic, yet one page puzzle, that is ‘The House Rules,’” said Kane.

The moving lyrics coupled with Kane’s powerful narrative vocals paint an authentic picture of a couple on the brink of big changes while capturing both vantage points; the effect is simultaneously heartbreaking and hopeful.

Though the native Oklahoma country singer is most well-known for his role as “Eliot” on TNT’s “Leverage,” where he choreographs all his own fight scenes, he dedicated time to focus his attention on his first love: music and his budding music career.

“I’m from Oklahoma, and country music has always been first and foremost in my heart,” said Kane. “I am truly fortunate to be able to do something that I love and to have such supportive fans.”

“Let Me Go” follows his debut single “The House Rules,” which hit radio in October 2010, with the video (directed by Timothy Hutton) premiering on CMT’s “Big New Music Weekend,” where it debuted at No. 2; beating out Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton and Jerrod Neiman. The high energy, hard partying title-track, “The House Rules,” is a roadhouse anthem that spotlights honky-tonk antics. The song sets an up-tempo tone for what proves to be a truly dynamic album. “Let Me Go” shows a gentler side of Kane and reveals that this tough guy has a kind heart that just might outshine his sturdy exterior. Both songs are featured on his new album “The House Rules.”

Award-winning music video director, Roman White and Christian are reunited on the set of his upcoming music video.

Kane recently wrapped filming the music video for “Let Me Go,” which will debut later this month. Shot on location in Los Angeles, the video was directed by legendary director, Roman White, whose credits include Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Reba McEntire, Justin Bieber and Martina McBride, as well as the 2011 CMT Music Award for “Video of the Year” for Taylor Swift’s hit “Mine.”

June 11, 2011 - Christian's Top 5!!

by CK Admin on 01/06/13

Christian wants to share another Top 5 List. Do yours match up?:

Hangover cures. Hahaaa I love this one...
1) bloodymary
2) orange juice with a squeeze of lemon
3) gatorade at night and in the morning
4) another beer with lemon
5) beer with a half can of tomato juice and a slice of jalapeño.
...But nothing beats two aspirin a water followed by a Gatorade and a steam.

Bonus Top 5

Top 5 things that inspire me to write a song:
1) Love
2) A specific moment
3) A specific place
4) Pain
5) Happiness or (Good times)

June 15, 2011 - 'Country Music Life' Article

by CK Admin on 01/06/13

New Song – Let Me Go by Christian Kane

His fans called me out a bit the first time.

A few months ago I first wrote about Christian Kane. I think I said something about his pretty good acting career. Fans of the star soon corrected me by showing the extensive resume this talented performer has with both acting and singing.

It was in that first post we looked at Christian’s first single The House Rules – a rocking tavern song. Now we get the pleasure of checking out Christian’s official second single and I have to say…this one is a great and I mean great song.

Listen to Let Me Go by Christian Kane…

Now that’s a country song.

This is the reason I love country music – the stories. It’s the stories like the one Christian Kane tells with Let Me Go. The song is about a young girl and guy. The guy is heading off on the road. He’s a self described drifter not sure where he’s going. He just knows he has to get away although he doesn’t seem to be sure what he’s running from.

The girl fights back telling him he’s afraid of love and they are meant to be together. He comes back with the line that she’s too good for him. Maybe he doesn’t feel like he’s deserving of her.

And that’s when the powerful emotion hits…

The girl says she doesn’t care about all that stuff. She loves him and she knows he loves her. And that’s all that matters. In the end it seems they’ll run away together no matter what.

Now that’s a country love story.

And Christian Kane was the perfect singer to share it. He does a great job on Let Me Go.

It turns out Jason Michael Carroll also had a version of this song on his last album. That track is good too, but there is really something catchy about this Christian Kane character.

I think he’s going to have a hit on his hands pretty soon with this song.

What do you think?

by Dayne Shuda